What is Well from Within?

Don’t go chasing frozen waterfalls.

Don’t go chasing frozen waterfalls.

“What do you do?”

How many times in your life have you been asked this? Countless, I’m sure. In our society, it’s one way that we define our identity. For me, the answer is kinda long, so I usually just stick with the “I’m a teacher” answer. It’s a big crowd pleaser because most people have a lot of respect for teachers, and it’s not some vague job that nobody knows what it means.

I used to think I would be a teacher until I retired and Michael and I started living out of our Sprinter Van. But for many reasons (which I will one day write a blog about), I don’t know if I see that as my forever career. I do love educating children, but there are many other things that I’m also passionate about and have started to pursue in the last year. Recently I’ve had many people asking me what I’ve been up to and what this new business is. So if you’re curious about what it is that I ACTUALLY do and what my vision is, read on.

  1. My “real job” is teaching second grade online through K12. I do get to meet with kids in person every Friday, which I love. I taught brick and mortar for four years, so I really miss connecting with kids in person. But I’m SUPER grateful for this job, because it has allowed me to continue my education and start my business. No matter what, I’ll always be an educator. Whether it’s in a classroom of children or an online community of women, my passion for teaching will never fade.

  2. My side hustle is called Well from Within, LLC. This is not a beachbody coaching program or supplement company I joined. This is my baby. My business, that I started with the help of an 8 week business course and some friends and family who so graciously answered my many questions. But what exactly do I do?

    • I’m a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, which is a certification I earned from the Nutritional Therapy Association. It’s a nine month online nutrition program with a 3 day in person workshop. This course is science heavy. It isn’t one that you just breeze through and get a certificate at the end. There was TONS of reading, studying, and case studies. I like to clarify this because I know the quality of many online programs isn’t great. But the NTA is legit, y’all. Check them out here.

      I now meet with clients both face-to-face and remotely, using Zoom to video chat. As an NTC, I use Nutritional Assessment Questionnaires, food journals, interviews, and personality tests, to evaluate nutritional status, health conditions, sleep quality, stress levels, fitness, etc. The purpose of these tools is to get to the root cause of health issues and address them naturally. Nutritional Therapy isn’t a band-aid or a quick fix. It’s a way to support your body so that you can build sustainable habits that will lead to lifelong health. If you want to know more, shoot me a message or email and let’s chat!

    • I’m also working on getting my Certified Personal Trainer certification. I hope to be done by this Spring. I currently offer online fitness programming, and will begin offering face-to-face personal training once I have my certification.

  3. Lastly, I’m a Beautycounter consultant. I think this is where people are getting confused about what I do. Beautycounter is not a part of my business, but a company that I joined this year because I love their products and what they’re doing in the world. I believe that health should be addressed holistically. So not only is it important what we put IN our bodies, but also what we put ON our bodies. I’m not going to sell you anything you don’t want or ask you to “join my team”. But I do want to have a great option available for clients who decide to switch over to safer skincare and makeup. Visit the Beautycounter website to check out all the cool things they’re doing. And here’s a blog I wrote on 10 Ingredients You Don’t Want in Your Skincare.

If you made it through that long-winded description, you da real MVP. And if you haven’t had enough, I’m going to keep blabbering for another minute.

Because I want to share with you what the name Well from Within means to me, and what my vision is for this business. If you haven’t already, make sure you read My Why, which gives a little background on this.

First of all, coming up with a biz name is NO JOKE. Lots of brainstorming, lists, and surveys were done. But I finally landed on this name because a) it’s pretty catchy, amiright? and b) there are so many underlying meanings that really struck me. For example:

  1. Getting well has to start with you. Nobody can force you to get healthy. You have to be the one to ignite change.

  2. You have what it takes to change your life. You cannot rely on doctors or others to fix you. Be your own advocate.

  3. Your body will tell you what it needs. You just have you listen carefully.

  4. Your mental health is vital. You cannot truly be well unless your mental and emotional self is also well.

    And my personal fave:

  5. True change starts from the inside. Your mindset it EVERYTHING.

Among others. But I digress.

My Vision

My vision for Well from Within is to build a community of strong, confident women who are educated on how to take care of their bodies and minds so they can wholeheartedly pursue their passions and empower other women to do the same.

2018-09-29 08.38.22 1.jpg

I believe that women are powerful, and that our passions will do so much good in the world. But we must be physically and mentally healthy in order to make those passions more than just a far off dream. Does that mean we must look, eat, or exercise a certain way to be “healthy”? Hard no. Which is why I offer personalized nutrition and fitness coaching, because every woman is different and shouldn’t be treated as a one-size-fits-all hotel robe.

Mindset is also a huge part of my coaching, because I know how powerful it is. Changing how I viewed myself and the world healed me, inside and out. And even now, when I have autoimmune flares or get self conscious, I don’t stress out like I used to, because I have a much healthier mind and I’m able to approach things more objectively.

Like many women, you may have started your health journey wanting to lose a few pounds or to get that six pack. But I hope that through working on your mindset, you will see that there is SO much more to your health than the number on the scale or what you see in the mirror. Wouldn’t you like to change the narrative for our daughters and granddaughters? Don’t you want them to always see their worth in WHO THEY ARE, not what they look like? We must begin with the narrative we tell ourselves every day.

Believe me, I could go on and on about this. But at the end of the day, my best self just wants to help you be your best self. Even if that means you only ever read this blog post. I hope you’ll start to believe in how incredibly valuable you are.

You have EVERYTHING you need within you. Look and see what is already there. Maybe you just need some help to uncover it, and I would love nothing more than to dig deep with you.

What does it mean to you to be Well from Within?

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